redes_inteligentesAn electric network is made up of transport and distribution lines, remedy substations and secondary substations which supply electricity from large power stations to consumption points.

Smart grids are electricity distribution networks that have incorporated modern monitoring, information and communication technologies, that supply valuable information to both electric supply companies and users.

The deployment of the Smart grid implies the instalation of smart meters.
These new meters will allow users to access flexible rates when available, and enable personal energy consumption management functionalities. On the other hand, electricity suppliers will have information that will allow them to find a faster solution to any problem or  critical situation encountered and billing will always be done according to real readings.

Users can ac ces to information about their comsumption data in the Iberdrola Distribución web site. → Link

A smart energy distribution leads to a more dynamic and effective relationship between the network and its users, a higher quality of energy supply and a better capability to solve any problem and makes the network ready for the integration of renewable energies and electric vehicles.

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