bilbao_torre_iberdrolaThe following actions will be carried out in order to deploy the smart power grid:
I. Smart meters
In the urban development area, the existing meters will be replaced by new smart meters providing service to 410.000 inhabitants in the city of Bilbao and the nearby town of Portugalete.

II. Smart transformer stations
In the urban development area, transformer stations will be configured with management, supervision and automation services.

III. New concept of transformer stations
In the rural development area, a new concept of modular station will be located in the towns of Aulesti and Lekeitio-Gardata and new smart grid services will be deployed in existing substations in Ondarroa.

IV. Distributed generation
Medium voltage cogeneration plants and low voltage generation plants will be integrated in the grid.

V. Development and implementation of new services and tools
In order to allow an efficient performance of the grid and to provide information to the final user.

Among these user fiendly information tools, BIDELEK SAREAK has developed an application in its website that allows users to analize the way they are consuming their energy and how they can get to reduce their invoice.

In 2014 the initial deployment of  BIDELEK is expanded with the instalation of a comprehensive rural smart grid in Lea Artibai giving a chance to Basque manufacturers to test the developed technology for dispersed areas

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