Smart Grids offer many advantages to every agent involved in the energy supply sytem from the smallest energy consumer to the biggest power generating firm.

Advantages for Clients

  • Improvement of power supply quality
  • A more efficient management of their consumption and billing
  • Billing will always be done according to real readings
  • Improvement in incident response
  • Improvement in managing contract changes

Benefits for Society and Economic Context

  • Improvements to the safety of both installations and operations
  • Progress towards integration of renewable power sources, small-sized generation plants and electric vehicles
  • Support for the local industry to become a leader in the use of new technologies on a National and European scale
  • Optimization of investments made in the grid
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions due to improvements in energy efficiency
  • Creation of manufacturing centers in the Basque Country
  • Benefits for other leading industrial sectors in the Basque Country (automobile, renewable energy, ICT’s, home appliances, etc

Advantages for utilities

  • Compliance with legislation for Smart metering
  • Improvement of customer service an minimization of network loss
  • Active and efficient operation of the network

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